Advancements About the ATEX Heaters

ATEX Heaters are most commonly utilized for commercial application suitable for heating chemical, liquids, gases, industrial gases and Zone 1 or zone 2 zones. Common features. U tube heat exchangers with zone valves. Perimeter gas handling for easy installation and replacement.

Flame resistant heaters / atex exchangers designed specifically to be flameproof. Zone valves for liquid flow control for U tube heaters. Flame resistant heating for U. S. manufactured goods in hazardous areas like in the processing plants, fabricating plants, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, rubber, steel, electrical manufacturing, petroleum refineries, petroleum products, chemical processing, and pulp and paper mills.

ATEX has complete range of high-quality, low-cost flameproof heaters. They are equipped with Zone valves, for fluid flow control for all types of liquids. Flame resistant heaters / atex exchangers are fully-automated. These are the best solution for standard Zones, where the immersion heater is normally installed. Flameproof heaters / atex exchangers designed specifically to be Flameproof, with full range of voltage and temperature controls, to meet the diverse requirements of wide range of applications within the HVAC industry.

ATEX is a leading manufacturer of safety equipments, which are designed for use in controlled environments. ATEX is committed to providing only the highest quality of products to its customers. It has been in the service of leading industry clients in the heating and cooling systems segment for over 50 years. ATEX offers a full range of leading brands of personal machines / heaters, such as Ansell, Baxter, Broan, Corsica, Da Vinci, Elna, Evolis, Icky, Kettler, Landau, Midwest Power Equipment, Miele, Newmar, Northmark, Noble, Protech, Raybestos, Silhouette, Sunbeam, Thermax, Viking, Westinghouse and more. With the assistance of these leading brands of heaters and ATEX Heaters certified by Ce mark, it is assured of maximum safety.

A Flameproof Heater consists of two parts, a flameproof cover and a special valve/nozzles. Both parts have an aluminum body and the valves are in the form of cones, which are capable of regulating the flow rate of a fluid through the flame. There are several models and designs of ATEX heaters / heaters, which are available in the market. The most common models are Zone heaters, ambient heaters and zone control heaters.

ATEX has designed and manufactured high-quality, fully-integrated, high performance and flameproof heaters. These innovative products meet all federal safety standards and can be easily found with the help of a search engine. This brand has a full range of excellent accessories that are also certified by the Department of Transportation. These include full range immersion heaters and zone heaters for refrigeration applications, and also include wet/dry transfer fans and dryers. This brand is also the sole distributor of Thermoplastic Fluxcubes.

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