ATEX Equipment & Heaters For Warming

ARMADEX is the other name of the trust that you can believe with closed eyes

Manufacturer of ATEX Equipment & Heaters- ARMADEX

ARMADEX is the other name of the trust that you can believe with closed eyes. They have built their name in the ATEX equipment, heaters and ATEX camera. They have all sorts of heating equipment with other important safety gadgets. If you are planning to buy heating equipment to heat up your house or office space, ARMADEX heating and Atex should be your choice.

What is ATEX

If you are starting a business and confused about what ATEX is where it comes up, we have got you back. It is the short form of Atmosphere for AT and Explosive for EX. All the parts that are used in the machinery that has possibly explosive material involved will have ATEX. it is sensitive enough that you would need ATEX certification to sell it. ATEX zones in the building have to be secured. Wherever they are installed are called ATEX zones. It is also a restriction to do ATEX marking. ARMADEX has gotATEX certification and sells these products to its customers.

What ATEX products you can find at ARMADEX

ARMADEX is your one stop shop to buy your equipment with the best ATEX rating. You can always count on us for your security from explosive accidents. ARMADEX has a history of providing you with the best quality. ATEX zones are required to have only ATEX  certified devices and equipment. This equipment plays a huge role in maintaining the security of the area. Here are some of the most major products of ARMADEX.

ATEX Safe Keyboard

An ATEX safe keyboard is almost necessary for the ATEX area. There are no non ATEX devices allowed in these areas. This is why ARMADEX has designed this completely safe keyboard. This keyboard is also completely Bluetooth supported. You can use it with any device that has Bluetooth in it.

ATEX Alarm Beacon

When it comes to explosion proof alarm systems, there is nothing better than an ATEX alarm beacon by ARMADEX. It is approved to be used in zone 22 and zone 2. You can totally trust this for the areas that have hazards of dust or gas explosion. This device has had ATEX certification for consecutive 18 years now. You can imagine the level of safety it would provide you.

ATEX Digital Camera

A lot of work sites are required to be monitored from a distance. The devices used in monitoring have to be top notched. ATEX digital camera provides a facility to its customers with the best quality images from the site area. You can use this in zone two of the work area. You can zoom up to 5x in this digital camera. This zoom does not blur any image quality and you can see a crisp and clear view of the zone two areas.

ATEX Control Panel

All of these products are quality controlled and are made with the top quality material. The safety of our customers is never compromised at any cost. There are a lot of sub-products of these ATEX products that you can find at ARMADEX. The Control panel has a lot to do with the overall security. The Control panel ensures that all the important tasks and controls can be performed from one place. ARMADEX has tried to make the best product in this category too.

Heating Equipment at ARMADEX

As we said that all of the products by ARMADEX are approved by authorities and have ATEX certification. You can find ATEX Heaters equipment for your house and workplace. Sensitive workplaces that have hazardous levels of heat or gases need special attention. The heating equipment you use should be up to the mark. This equipment guarantees the safety of the workers working around these places.  Here are some of the most popular heating equipment at ARMADEX.

Everything has gone through strict security checks to ensure our customers do not have to suffer at all. You can take a thorough visit to the website to make sure everything is available. Your shipping charges would also be calculated at the website when you complete your buying process.

ATEX 5-Step Fan Regulator

Regulation of heating is as important as any heating device. ATEX fan regulator by ARMADEX is specially made to make your heating system more convenient to use. This thermostat makes a room explosion-proof by keeping the temperature regulated. The thermostat is heatproof and you can use them anywhere you want. It is a fan regulator and keeps itself cool. This feature makes it distinctive from other regulators.

ATEX Fan Coil Heater

This amazing product by ARMADEX is a great choice for people who are looking for something that can make their heating system better. This fan is available at a very reasonable price. This ATEX product is most efficient in storage areas and the production areas of a workplace. You can consider it if you are particularly looking for a coil heater. It is the best and you can get your hands on it from anywhere in the world.

ATEX Process Heater

This machine is super helpful to keep a big place warm and cozy. You can trust the products at ARDMEX. They have worked hard to bring the business at this time. You can get this from any part of the world and we will deliver it. Process heater is the solution to all your heating problems. You can count on the ATEX certification of the process heater.


ARMADEX is shipping its products with ATEX certification. So no matter in what part of the world you need our amazingly safe equipment, we will provide it to you. All of the products we have discussed are made to make sure that everyone who uses these products feels comfortable and safe in their work environment. The places with explosive material need to be extra safe and that is what ARMADEX does for its customers.